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Board of Retirement

The Board consists of nine members and two alternate members. Four members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, four members and an alternate safety member are elected by active members (current employees), one member and one alternate are elected by the retired members, and the County Treasurer is an ex-officio member. The Board has responsibility for administering the Retirement System, which includes oversight and investment decisions regarding approximately $3.2 billion in trust assets, establishment of actuarial rates and assumptions, adjudication of applications for disability retirement benefits, and oversight of system administration.

Regularly scheduled Board meetings are at 9:00 a.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month with limited exceptions. Meetings usually last approximately 6-8 hours, and additional special meetings occur as needed.

Pictured: Board of Retirement and Staff Members at the April 2019 Retreat.

Board Members

No. 1 Harry E. Hagen, Permanent Ex-Officio Member
No. 2 Michael Daly, General Elected Member
No. 3 Laurie Lee, General Elected Member
No. 4 Robert Bianchi, Appointed Member
No. 5 Michael Vidal, Appointed Member
No. 6 Steve Lavagnino, Appointed Member
No. 7 Paul Uhl, Safety Elected Member
No. 7A Frederick Tan, Alternate Safety Elected Member
No. 8   Zandra Cholmondeley, Retired Elected Member
No. 8A Gary Blair, Alternate Retired Elected Member
No. 9 Dustin Dodgin, Appointed Member

Contact the Clerk of the Board

Dani Couture

[email protected]