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Request for Proposal: Global Custody and Related Services

The primary purpose of this RFP is to identify the most qualified firm to provide global custodial services, accounting services, performance measurement/analytics, and other services to SBCERS as defined in the RFP. SBCERS has retained RVK, Inc. to perform the RFP process and to manage all RFP process related communications and activities.

Instructions for Completion

Firms responding to the RFP shall:

  1. Prepare their proposals according to the requested format as set forth herein;
  2. Respond directly to each question posed and provide each disclosure required herein; and,
  3. Provide such relevant attachments as appropriate.

Bid Submission Instructions

To be considered a complete response, each Respondent must follow the following procedure:

Please see the RFP for complete instructions, conditions, and requirements.

  1. Request for Proposal: Global Custody and Related Services
  2. Addendum I: Scope of Service Details
  3. Addendum II: Contract Terms
  4. Appendix 1: Scope of Service Affirmation
  5. Appendix 2: Contract Terms Affirmation
  6. Appendix 3: Technical Questionnaire
  7. Appendix 4: Price Proposal