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Health Reimbursement Account

You don’t have Employer-sponsored health insurance?

Then you should know about the benefit you have that reimburses you for qualified health expenses you’ve already paid for.

Retirees and beneficiaries not enrolled in County-sponsored health insurance are given a health supplemental benefit in the form of a monthly, tax-free health expense reimbursement.

Retirees are automatically enrolled in a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Account whenever they are not enrolled in a Plan Sponsor’s (former employer’s) health insurances. Every month, $4-per-month-per-year-of-service-credit will be credited to the HRA Account where the monies will accumulate in the account over a Retiree’s lifetime. In order to receive a reimbursement, a Retiree is required to submit a current claim form with proof of payment of qualified expenses (e.g., Medicare statements and receipts) to the Program Administrator. This benefit is explained further in the annual Guide to Retiree Health Plans and Open Enrollment Article ” Health Insurance Subsidy & Health Reimbursement “.

Health Equity (formally WageWorks) is the HRA Program Administrator. For information about Health Equity and the reimbursement claims process, click on the “HRA Informational Packet” on this page. The Health Equity claim form must be used; it is included in the packet along with a list of eligible expenses but is also available separately by selecting the “HRA Claim Form” link also on this page. Claims for reimbursement MUST be submitted to Health Equity’s Lexington, KY location or faxed to 877-353-9236.